Great Glemham School Trust

(Trustees: Nicola Redman, Jill Pascoe and Duncan McIver)

How the Trust started

The Trust dates from the 1980s following the earlier closure and sale of the school in the village (Great Glemham Voluntary Controlled School to give it its full name). The proceeds from the sale of the school were invested by the Diocese to provide an annual income and the Trust was set up to distribute this to individuals and organisations in the Parish.

What the Trust does

The Trust provides:

  • “Education” grants (a standard amount when children start nursery, primary school, move to high school and finish school);
  • “Individual” grants; and
  • “Community” grants,

to those living in the village.

Applying for a grant

All families in the village can apply for an Education grant. You are eligible for a cash grant if you have a child starting:

  • nursery school;
  • primary school;
  • high school for the first time; or
  • leaving high School.

Application forms are sent to each household in the village in the summer term. To claim this grant complete and return the application form.

If you would like to make an application for an Individual grant towards educational expenses (such as books, equipment, courses or trips) or an application on behalf of an organisation for a Community grant, write with a short description of your costs and tell us how you would spend the money.

Write to Nicola Redman, GGST, The Cottage, The Street, Great Glemham, IP17 2DA

The trustees consider all applications in the light of funds available.

Annual Account

2018-2019 Schools Trust Report and Accounts